Successful planning strategies
for retirement income

No.1 MPF scheme sponsor with the largest market share^

Get started with the 3 pillars of retirement planning - Building Your Wealth, Protecting Your Wealth and Enjoying Your Wealth

Tax benefits as you save for a stable stream of income in retirement

A Qualifying Deferred Annuity Policy (QDAP) certified by the Insurance Authority; suited to a broad age group ranging from 18 to 65

Offers Critical Illness Advance Benefit and premium holiday in addition to monthly annuity income

No. 1

MPF scheme sponsor

^ Based on market share in terms of assets under management by scheme sponsor. Source: Mercer MPF Market Shares Report as at September 30, 2020
Tax-Deductible Voluntary Contributions
Stay ahead of the game with additional MPF contributions

No. 1 MPF scheme sponsor position strengthened with MPF market share of 24.6% in terms of MPF assets under management as at September 30, 2020^

One of the first MPF providers to launch Tax-Deductible Voluntary Contributions (TVC) account

29 constituent funds and the Default Investment Strategy to suit different retirement needs and risk appetites

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